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MealSmart Meal Prep

“We offer fresh nutritious meals that are made to convenience your life”

At MealSmart Prep

Healthy meals made simple

Greetings! We are your local destination for a revolution in healthy eating. With a rich legacy of 9 years serving all of south FL, we specialize in delivering not just meals but a lifestyle to your doorstep. Prepare to savor delicious, nutrition-packed dishes tailored to fuel your day. Where convenience meets health in every bite.


How We Work

Meals are for Monday-Friday. With delivery twice a week: Sunday for Monday-Tuesday and Tuesday for Wednesday-Friday. Meals come in insulated bags for the best form of transportation. They are cooked and packed up the same day as delivery so you receive them at its highest peak of freshness.


Order Weekly

  • The cost per meal is cheaper

  • Different meals always

  • One free healthy dessert every week

  • Reoccurring, cancel anytime

  • Free delivery


Order Individual Meals

  • Pickier eater? Choose your meals

  • You can duplicate any meals you love

  • Don’t commit to the whole week

  • Order extra desserts

Meal Plans We Offer

We offer several meal plans to fit every lifestyle

Weight Loss

  • Less strict meal plan

  • More complex carbs offered

  • Calories from 380-510 per meal

  • Recommended for picky eaters

Low Carb- Weight Loss

  • Strictest meal plan

  • More vegetables, less % of carb macros

  • Calories from 350-480 per meal

  • Recommended for quicker results

Code Red Detox

  • 5 day detox to cleanse and reset body & mind

  • Lose between 4-10 lbs in a week

  • Recommended best before/after trips, holidays, special events


  • Our cheapest meal plan

  • Basic plan only offering chicken and ground turkey for protein

  • Calories from 450-500 per meal

  • Recommended for anyone on a budget wanting to eat healthy

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